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What Is Health?


Why is it that ‘health’ sounds like something we have to eat but tastes really bad?

What does it mean to live a ‘healthy life’?

Is our health down to us or someone else’s responsibility?

Why are some of us victims and others not when it comes to poor health?

What does the future hold for our individual health?


These questions might, or might not, get you thinking about your own health. Whilst we are in good health we can feel invincible. Some of us don’t worry about how the food we eat affects us or the fact that we sit too long on the sofa. You can’t always see the changes that are taking place. We only usually get interested when something goes wrong or when poor health affects someone close to us. I appreciate that is not the same for everyone but it seems to be a common theme that we all are touched by at some point in our lives.


Being healthy is based on your genetics, diet, exercise routine, environment and lifestyle choices. Of course some of those things are easier to affect than others when we decide to make change.


On our road to living a healthier life we may need the help of a health professional’s support. They may be able to tell you if you need to start or to stop anything in order to improve your situation.


Collecting data can help us find out where we are currently with our health compared to others. By monitoring our weight, size, exercise etc we can see change happening. This can be done by weigh-ins, body measurements, fitness trackers or filling in and updating a personal health questionnaire. Modern technology is ever more widely used to help us monitor change and even to diagnose illness when necessary.


Building a support group around you with similar interests and goals will help you meet your long term aims. Spending time with those wanting to make positive change can make it easier to perk up your health.


Making healthier choices over short term rewards, a well balanced diet, appropriate sleep, physical movement and mental rest are all going to help you improve your situation.


This doesn’t always mean avoiding unhealthy food or exercising every day - it is about moderation and what is appropriate for you in the long term.  Remember we are all individuals. A Cornish pasty now and again might just keep you on the straight and narrow for the long term!


Take responsibility for your actions - do what you can do to improve your situation, be the best you can be, have fun and enjoy the benefits of your efforts. It is never too late to start.


It doesn’t have to be hard to make changes that improve your current situation. Forget the excuses, focus on the many ways you can improve your health.  Make your physical, emotional, and spiritual health a priority in your busy life.  


What will you do today to upgrade your health?


Richard Marfell – Wellness Coach