A Nutritious Diet Keeps Your Body Healthy


People often make snap judgements about you based on how you dress, your makeup or hairstyle.  When you are complemented on your appearance it makes you feel good, and a trip to the hairdressers can be a real pick me up.  But what is really going on inside your body? How healthy are you really? The state of your skin, hair and posture can be an outward sign of how you are feeling and how healthy you are on the inside. Poor nutrition causes preventable diseases so what you eat and how much you move will have a massive impact on how well you really are and how easily you fight off illness.  


Improve your health and stay well by making healthy food choices, exercising and reducing the stressors you have in life; digestive, emotional, physical and environmental.


Make it your goal to take full responsibility for your health every single day no matter what life throws at you.

The food we consume is not only fuel for our body it also contains vitamins and minerals and trace elements that build, support and maintain our daily bodily functions and support our immune system.


What should we eat? Good health is best achieved by consuming ‘real’ foods that are minimally processed to keep their natural integrity. Foods like apples, eggs and broccoli are real food. Frozen fruit and vegetables also count, as does fresh and frozen fish and meat.  Only eat food which contains ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen and not a food scientist’s chemistry set– who keeps a packet of emulsifiers or mono-diglycerides in the fridge?


Sometimes we need to take medicines when fighting illness but if our body is healthy our immune system should be healthy too. By eating good quality foods and avoiding junk food low in nutrients and high in artificial chemicals we give our body the best chance to prevent illness in the first place.


Exercise and good quality nutrition can decrease your chances of developing heart disease and help to keep your bones healthy and strong.


Supporting your immune system with a range of supplements can also keep you fighting fit by strengthening your body's natural defences.  Remember a supplement is ‘a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it’. No excuse for poor general nutrition!


If you feel good physically you are more likely to feel good emotionally - that in turn leads to a long term desire to stick with good nutrition and your physical exercise routine.


Make simple changes and achieve whole body wellness:

  • Eat real food and avoid processed foods

  • Avoid food products that contain more than 5 ingredients

  • Eat protein to facilitate proper muscle development and growth

  • Eat a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables high in phytonutrients

  • Eat mostly plants, especially those high in fibre

  • Eat quality fats high in omega 3

  • If you can afford to, eat grass fed beef, it is much higher in omega 3 than grain fed beef

  • Eat wild Alaskan salmon rather than farmed salmon

  • Keep hydrated - drink water instead of fruit juice or sugary drinks

  • Walk more (10,000 steps per day)

  • Sleep more, try going to bed earlier

  • Be positive and laugh more!


All these things can improve your general wellbeing and ability to fight off illness.

Health is a state of being whereby your system allows you to function on all cylinders and enjoy a high quality of life.

By making even small changes to your diet, you can improve your health. Make yourself the best you can be. Start today, it’s never too late to improve your wellbeing.


Richard Marfell - Wellness Coach


Copyright Richard Marfell 2020

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